Paperlike daytime readability, even in direct sunlight.  Frontlight for impeccable nighttime visibility. Ultra low power consumption. Uses energy only when updating content. Arctic displays are used in the market of industrial and consumer applications to create products such as devices for displaying electronic schedules, digital signs, menu boards or banners.

180° viewing angle & anti-glare
Ideal for outdoor daytime use.
Uses energy only when updating content
An ideal solution for scenarios where content changes relatively rarely (for example, electronic prices, electronic timetables, advertising, and much more).
Ultra low power consumption
To be visible, our displays do not need to constantly consume electricity. Consumption occurs only when the displayed content changes.
Total lack of glare
The brighter the external light, the sharper the eye perceives the light from the environment.
Extremely compact
Electronic ink technology does not require backlighting. This feature affects the thickness of the entire module - in some models it is even less than 1mm.

Field of application



Information signs of transport stations. Anti-vandal bulletin board for public places.



Smart factory boards address needs of industrial collaborators. Most important activities of factory life in one place.


Banking sector

High-contrast advertising materials, information board in meeting rooms (schedule of employment, remote booking), in offices of top management (plans / results of activities, schedule of meetings / calls).

Our products


Controller Arctic EPD

Content rendering and management of E-ink modules for content rendering


Arctic 31,2”/42”

Electronic ink screens for displaying all kinds of information


Arctic Video Wall

Ability to combine multiple screens into a video wall

Why Arctic?

The screens are easy to read and not harmful to the eyes. The screens are highly durable and energy efficient. Own software, modified for all the needs of the Client.

Arctic Features

Arctic Features

  • Unlimited viewing angles
  • Service life - more than 48,000 hours of continuous operation
  • Universal information display system
  • Display, controller and mount. And no problems with integration
  • Zero costs. Fully wireless for easy installation in any environment
  • 99% more power efficient than comparable LCD or LED technologies
  • One than 12 months of operation on a single battery charge
  • Cost saving. Update from one remote location. No need to physically visit the installation site, reducing the workload

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